The moon seemed like a friend.

She woke up with a start, trembling. She found herself on the train berth and that calmed her a little. The train was moving with a swift pace at 4:30 in the morning. The alarm was still buzzing and the neighbouring passengers were beginning to stir. She grabbed the phone and put the alarm to rest. The neighbours continued lying like corpses piled over one another. Hers was a middle berth. She sneaked out of the compartment and went to stand near the door of the coach. The train had stopped at a nondescript station. She tried to figure out which station it was but there were no signboards or announcements. She fired up the torch app on her phone and tried to look for any clues. There were none. Also, it was still very dark.

She dragged herself back to her berth and sat on the lower seat. She looked at the half-moon from the window. It was shining with its gang of stars. The moon seemed like a friend. She remembered the moon from her childhood. The moon that she slept under, played with, talked to and ate with.

The moon where she lived now was a total buzzkill. It frightened her and forbade her from going out alone. She checked the online train status and found out that the next station was going to be her stop. She began lugging her baggage down the aisle.


3 thoughts on “The moon seemed like a friend.”

    1. Sky without any kind of light (without street lights, bulbs , any kind of light) is mesmerizing. In big cities it is hardly possible to see night. If you’ve ever visited any hill station and try to see night there then you can relate things what i am trying to say.


      1. Well, in big cities, the skies are rather vague, to quench the thirst of people such as you, for you’re I guess romantic? I do get what you were trying to say. Have a nice day, today and take care of yourself! 🙂


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