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Layering Layering Layering.. In Winters. (Tips and looks)

We all know layering is one of the finest way to look fashionable not only in summers but also in winters. For a classy and chic look in winters, we also need to think of cloth texture if that is going to look good otherwise we will end-up looking like a pile of clothes. 

Here are some tips that will help you in winters while layering your clothes. These tips help me a lot specially in winter to look more stylish and fashionable. 

  1.  Evening Coat + Bright Dress + Textured Tights

This will give the sober yet stylish look. we can wear it as office wear or casual outings or evening party. You will always rock in this look. This look is specially for those who are getting late for their important meetings or important day.

2. knitwear + Outer Jacket + Textured Scarf

In this look, you can wear your knitwear with your legging or jeans which can be very comfortable for any day. We all have some textured scarfs sitting in our wardrobe .. Now here is the time to use that in fashionable manner and wear it with outer jacket. 

3.  Tartan or wrap around Skirt + Plain Top + Overcoat or Denim Jacket

Wearing tartan skirt or any wrap around skirt will keep you warm as well as look fashionable. Wearing skirt with plain top (deep neck) accessorize with choker or necklace will give you perfect evening look. Wearing jacket will complete this look. I must say this look is my personal favourite one. 

4.  Shirt + Denim + Jacket + Overcoat

Jackets are must in winters but when layering up with right combination it can be complete our look in very fashionable way. With some accessories we can complete our look. Everyday go to look is must in winters for every girl. 

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