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The Ego

If You ever feel like sometimes there’s this underlying uneasiness that we can feel in life sometime, like we’re never really fully content with how things are something could always be better.

I was hoping that today we could delve into what might be the root cause of some of those feelings in ways that we can maybe overcome it a way to create space to feel contect but not like a shallow short-lived happiness.

The Ego:

I mean finding balance calmness and peace in our everyday lives.

So just to give you a little bit of background here the information I’m sharing in today’s blog is based on a book called “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s one of the few resources. I’ve come across in my life that shifted the way my mind works and how i process my emotions. In the book Tolle Introduces the concept of having an ego, which is usually an attribute. We associate with somebody who feels like they’re a lot better than everyone else. But for the sake of the ego, we are gonna be talking about in today’s blog. That’s not what i want you to think, Instead i want you to see the ego as this identity that we’ve created about ourselves . For example: You might say I am really good illustrator, I am a hard worker, I am a multi-tasker and I am also anxious person. I keep making stupid life choices.
I don’t think anyone likes me and this and that things about my body are ugly in all of these thoughts whether they were Positive or Negative. The ego is hidden in the words. I,me,my or mine. “I” am a hard worker. “My” body is ugly and these beliefs about our personalities , out talents, our abilities,these are out ego. It’s a mental construction that we’ve created of ourselves. So it’s our self-image and it’s artificial. the more we identify with these things as being real the more the ego creates , emotional drama in our lives .

Characteristics of Ego:

There are a few aspects of the go that are really important to point out for one the ego loves to identify with things that enhances its sense of self-worth. that’s “my” car, “my” partner, “my” clothes. This is “my” life, “my” story.
The ego also loves to compare. Comparing our positive attributes to someone else’s negative attributes or the other way around like for example saying something like Everyone around me seems to have their life together and I don’t know what I’m doing or Why am I always the hard worker and he’s always so lazy. The ego loves to attach itself to lables because labels enforce that sense of self. Those people are successful , “I” am a failure or “I” am a hard worker that person is lazy. Me versus the and when we validate labels we feed the ego.

Complaining is another aspect of the Ego and also helps to strengthen it, whether we are just complaining silently to oursleves mentally or when we vocalize it and complain out loud. We complain aboout the situation that we are in or hoe someone acted or how we look. The Ego just feeds off of the drama and let’s say for example that we don’t like how we look subconsciously without even being aware of it, the ego tells us that maybe if we buy more things, beautiful things then we too will be beautiful. Mey be these new material possessions will bosst our self-worth. But the things with ego is it’s never fully satisfoed the feeling of please that comes after some retail therapy. it’s always short-lived beacuse the ego is already looking for something else, wanting something more.

Transcending The Ego:

So what do we do about all of this Tolle says that the Key to Transcending the Ego is to simply become aware of it. The problem is the ego is usually hidded in the stream of unconscious thoughts that runs through our heads so rapidly every single day but as soon as become aware of the thoughts the Attachments, the labels, the Comparing , The complaining . we are not longer the thoughts We are now . The Awareness the person observering the thoughts, the thoughts are just thoughts . the feelings are just feelings. but they are not us. We aren’t identified with it. And so awareness of the ego is the key to transcending it.

Spotting The Ego:

If we want to easily spot the ego we just need to look for the trail of emotional drama it leaves behind in our lives and it manifests itself in feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety , anger, Insecurity. These feelings are usually strongly associated with our sense of self image. So anytime you notice yourself saying the words I, me , my or Mine, Chances are your ego if at play here. So for example: we never really cared about the car until it became my car. We sisn’t feel jealous aout the person until it became my partner.I wouldn’t cared about the plate at the store but as soon as my plate breaks, I am upset another really easy way. To spot the ego is anytime we feel like wde don’t have enough of something because the ego always wants more more success , more money , more attnetion , more pleasure. And anytime it doesn’t feel like it has enough of something , It can make us feel like we’re the ones that aren’t enough. And the things with the go is we can never really fully ever get rid of it completely. It is always ginna be there but how strong of a role of it plays in out lives depends on how much we let us run free. Unconsciuosly and the key word there is unconsciously.

Reducing The Ego’s Presence:

So now we know how to spot Ego, let’s go over some ways that we can reduce its presence i out lives kind of actionable items that we can put into prctice today for one being more open and honest, you know how sometimes a friend or family member asks how you’re doing and you’re like, oh Yeah . I am really good even though you know , that’s not true. That’s the ego. It’s trying to maintain a certain self-image maybe that of being happy or perfect. So Instead try being open and honest and tell the person how you feel. This isn’t jyst say go ahead and complain that would be the ego again, but just state the facts. you’ll notice that so much stress is lifted off of your shoulders when you do. Another things that we can do is to find the value in the work that we do seeing how our work provides value instead of viewing it as something that we do for recognition or for fame of monetary gain. The ego hides behind the eye and the knee. So if we act in a selfless way of other people, the is another way we can transcenf the ego. Doing things not becuase we expect something in freturn but doing it becuase we feel it benefits the greater good in some way and finally the last place the ego just really doesn’t exist in our lives is when we are in the present moment beacuse the ego can’t be busy thinking about the past or worrying about the future when it’s in the now or when we are in the now. For everyone being in the presnrt moment can come about in different ways like may be if you are photographing or painting and you’re really engrossed in it or some people they are more in the moment when they’re meditating or exrcising or doing yoga. Spending time in nature, writing gratutude lists playing with their pets whatever it is it’s these moments the noew moments when the ego isn’t present in out lives and these concepts of ego that i’ve shared with you today, is the basics os what ego is and the role that it can play in our lives. But what i’ve shared is nothing compared to the depths and insights the Eckhart Tolle shares in his books. it’s one of those books I know i’m gonna return to over and over it explores the topic and so much more depth. The scenarios are just incredible. I wholeheartedly recomment the book.

I really hope that you found today’s topic, that it helped to relive any uneasiness, you might be feeling in your life to help you understand it a little bit better. i know that it did that for me for sure. Just personifying the ego separating it from ourselves and observing it what it does how it behaves it really helps to not put so much of the pressure on ourselves at least , that’s how i felt about it. Thanks a lot for reading this blog. hope you enjoyed this ..


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