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You can buy a Lamborghini but you can’t make it to impress people.

What can Ancient Greek philosopher tell us about how to live our lives today? It’s hard to imagine that anyone living before the 20th century could possibly relate to our modern times.

E.g. What did you morning look like today? May be you’re among 80% of Indians that woke up to the sounds of city stirring into business. You probably check your phones into the bed that check email, social media or the news. May be you grab the banana or the toaster strudel as you ran out the door with your belongings. We also spend our life’s most time either on road while going on job or working in front of screen. We are often in constant state of distraction. Moving from one thing to the next, one reward to the another, rarely finding any time to simply be still.

This has always been a problem. I have quote from Blaise Pascal: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. “

Interesting thing about stillness is , It’s not something you buy, It’s not something you go and get even. It is not the thing what I am making it. It’s been here from two thousand years, from Ancient Greek to modern Rome, From Washington’s American Revolution to the prisons of War in Vietnam or The players who are recovering from their injury. How could something work for so many diverse situations and people. I just find it very fascinating and I think the answer is that Stoicism isn’t some explanation of the universe, it’s not that complicated philosophical theory or abstraction. it’s just like really practical life advice.

By differentiating the things which are matter to you and which are not, We can find out true self like the thing which is giving me anxiety or distraction, Ultimately It is up-to me and so much of the stuff that we spend a lot of time and energy doing is not up to us. E.g The rat race, keeping up with the Jonas which motivates the materialism. You can buy a Lamborghini but you can’t make it to impress people. you can accumulate lot of money But you can’t make people to respect you, you can’t make your parents proud of you, you can’t do anything with regards to the other people do or think. You can only control your own actions. and thoughts.

we don’t have a second of stillness. I don’t think i have to define stillness; i guess everyone know what it is. the idea is from Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Confucius and Epicurus all he ancient figures in different cultures and different time periods is also saying that our inability to still is also the reason of our unhappiness.

to be continued..,

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